Tuesday, 24 May 2016

List of Top 5 Best Restaurants in Gilgit Baltistan City Valley

You must have been reading a lot about Gilgit-Baltistan on our and other sites on the internet. If all this research has compelled you to have a tour of the place then it is important to have knowledge of all the stuff such as hotels, touring places and restaurants in the area so you do not face any troubles while being there. Today, I am going to tell you about top restaurants where you should go for some amazing food while you are on your tour to Gilgit. You will know everything such as about food, service and the quality of food in these restaurants. So, let's begin.

1. Cafe De Hunza.

On the top of the list, I decided to place this restaurant due to many factors that other restaurants can't even think of competing with this one. Food quality of Cafe De Hunza is simply superb. You will get all the fresh food prepared at the time when you order it. Plus, all the traditional food as well as foreign food is also a part of the menu. You will get the quickest service, faster than any other restaurant in the area. If you are visiting the Hunza part, then this restaurant should be your first priority.

2. Glacier Breeze.
This is another admirable restaurant in the Gilgit valley. Though might not be on the same level as the above one, this restaurant is doing its best to serve everything that a tourist would need. Traditional food, along with faster service and taste is very impressive. A thing that makes this restaurant unique is the local tea that it provides. You will love the taste and the quality of service is very good too.

3. City Inn Restaurant.
Well! If on your trip, you happen to go to Skardu, then this is the finest restaurant you get at the place. It ensures the great quality of food along with great taste. Though according to some tourists, service might not be on the same level as compared to above restaurants but still, for the sake of place this is the place you need to go for filling your belly.

4. Hunza Inn and Old Hunza Inn.

In Hunza, Cafe De Hunza might be the best but definitely not the last choice you have. If you are not very good with the pocket then you can go to this restaurant. And don't worry because this restaurant also has everything off your desires. The food is delicious, all the traditional food is available along with a variety of foreign dishes. Overall service is very good and the food is hygienic too. It is not a bad place for filling up your belly at all. 

5. Osho Maraka.

Osho Maraka is another standard restaurant located in the Hunza valley. You can get the standard food along with a variety of dishes both traditional and foreign. The taste of the food is very good and it is also quite cheap as compared to other restaurants. This restaurant could definitely be your choice while you are on your trip to Gilgit-Baltistan.

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